China Crisis - Working With Fire And Steel (1983) €10,00

Side A
A1.   Working with Fire and Steel (3:41)
A2.   When the Piper Calls (4:04)
A3.   Hanna Hanna (3:29)
A4.   Animals in Jungles (3:40)
A5.   Here Come a Raincloud (4:16)

Side B
B1.   Wishful Thinking (4:42)
B2.   Tragedy and Mystery (4:03)
B3.   Papua (3:36)
B4.   The Gates of Door to Door (4:16)
B5.   The Soul Awakening (4:36)

Release: 1983
Genre: Synth-pop 
Format:  LP
Label:   Virgin Records
Catalog#   205798

vinyl: goed
hoes: goed

Prijs: €10,00

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