George Benson - Give Me The Night (1980) €7,95

Side A
A1. Love X Love (4:45)
A2. Off Broadway (5:23)
A3. Moody’s Mood  (3:24)
A4. Give Me the Night (5:01)

Side B
B1. What’s On Your Mind  (4:02)
B2. Dinorah, Dinorah  (3:39)
B3. Love Dance  (3:18)
B4. Star of a Story (X) (4:42)
B5. Midnight Love Affair  (3:31)
B6. Turn Out the Lamplight (4:43)

Year:  1980
Genre: Soul, Jazz
Format: LP
Label: Warner Bros. Records 
Catalog# WB 56823

Prijs: 7,95

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