Soundtrack - The Wiz (1978) € 20,00

Side A
A1. Main Title (Overture, Part One) (2:34)
A2. Overture (Part Two) (2:03)
A3. The Feeling That We Have  (3:30)
A4. Can I Go On?  (1:56)
A5. Glinda’s Theme  (1:09)
A6. He’s The Wizard  (2:52)
A7. Soon As I Get Home/Home  (4:01)

Side B
B1.  You Can’t Win  (3:14)
B2.  Ease On Down The Road  (3:19)
B3.  What Would I Do If I Could Feel?  (2:18)
B4.  Slide Some Oil To Me  (2:19)
B5.  Ease On Down The Road (1:30)
B6.  (I’m A) Mean One Lion  (2:23)
B7.  Ease On Down The Road  (1:24)
B8.  Poppy Girls  (3:27)

Side C
C1.  Be A Lion  (4:04)
C2.  End Of The Yellow Brick Road  (1:01)
C3.  Emerald City Sequence  (6:41)
C4.  So You Wanted To See The Wizard  (2:48)
C5.  Is This What Feeling Gets (Dorothy’s Theme)  (3:13)

Side D
D1.  Don’t Nobody Bring Me Bad News  (3:01)
D2.  A Brand New Day  (7:51)
       (a) Liberation Agitato  (0:54)
       (b) A Brand New Day (Everybody Rejoice)(Part One)  (2:29)
       (c) Liberation Ballet / A Brand New Day (Everybody Rejoice)(Part Two)  (4:23)
D3.  Believe In Yourself (Dorothy) (2:54)
D4.  The Good Witch Glinda  (1:10)
D5.  Believe In Yourself (Reprise)  (2:13)
D6.  Home  (3:27)

Release:  1978
Genre: Pop, Soul
Format:  2LP
Label: MCA Records
Catalog# 0082.064-2

Vinyl: Goed
Cover: Goed

Prijs: € 20,00

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