Manfred Mann´s Earth Band - Roaring Silence (1976) € 7,00

Side A
A1. Blinded By The Light  (7:06) 
A2. Singing The Dolphin Through  (8:16) 
A3. Waiter, There’s A Yawn In My Ear  (5:35)

Side B
B1. The Road To Babylon  (6:49) 
B2. This Side Of Paradise  (4:45) 
B3. Starbird  (3:05) 
B4. Questions  (3:55)

Release:  1976
Genre: Progressive Rock
Format:  LP
Label: Bronze Records
Catalog# 27870 XOT

Vinyl: Gebruikerssporen
Hoes: Goed

Prijs: € 7,00

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