Phil Collins - Face Value (1981) € 10,00

Side A
A1. In The Air Tonight  (5:32)  
A2. This Must Be Love  (3:55)  
A3. Behind The Lines  (3:53)  
A4. The Roof Is Leaking  (3:16)  
A5. Droned  (2:55)  
A6. Hand In Hand  (5:12) 

Side B
B1. I Missed Again  (3:41)  
B2. You Know What I Mean  (2:33)  
B3. Thunder And Lightning  (4:12)  
B4. I'm Not Moving  (2:33)  
B5. If Leaving Me Is Easy  (4:54)  
B6. Tomorrow Never Knows  (4:46)

Release: 1981
Genre: Pop
Format: LP
Label: Atlantic Records
Catalog# 99143

Vinyl:  Good
Cover:  Good

prijs:  € 10,00

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