Peter, Paul And Mary - Peter, Paul And Mommy (1969) - € 5,00

Side A (Toy Side)
A1.  The Marvelous Toy  (3:06)
A2.  Day Is Done  (3:12)
A3.  Leatherwing Bat  (2:28)
A4.  I Have A Song To Sing, O! (4:05)
A5.  All Through The Night  (2:33)
A6.  It's Raining  (3:52)

Side B (Zoo Side)
B1.  Going To The Zoo  (3:09)
B2.  Boa Constrictor  (0:46)
B3.  Make-Believe Town  (3:45)
B4.  Mockingbird  (1:19)
B5.  Christmas Dinner  (3:00)
B6.  Puff (The Magic Dragon)  (3:38)

Release:  1969
Label:  Warner Bros. Records
Catalog#  WS 1785

Album:  In Goede Staat
Cover:  Iets Minder Goed

prijs:  € 5,00

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