Fred Waring & The Pennsylvanians - Christmas Magic (2LP)

Side A
A1.   Opening  (1:20)
A2.   Ring Those Christmas Bells  (2:34)
A3.   Caroling, Caroling  (1:00)
A4.   Carol, Brothers, Carol  (2:02)
A5.   O Hearken Ye  (1:20)
A6.   Christmas  (2:05)
A7.   The Star Carol  (1:15)
A8.   Rise Up Shepard An' Foller  (2:30)
A9.   Go Where I Send Thee  (2:35)
A10. Jesu Parvule  (1:49)
A11. Gesu Bambino  (2:20)

Side B
B1.   O Come All Ye Faithful  (0:35)
B2.   Come, Dear Children  (1:40)
B3.   Bright, Bright The Holly Berries  (2:00)
B4.   Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town  (1:40)
B5.   While By Our Sleeping Flock We Lay  (0:50)
B6.   Jingle Bells  (2:17)
B7.   Caroling, Caroling (Reprise)  (0:25)
B8.   I Wonder As I Wander  (2:10)
B9.   Silent Night  (1:06)
B10. O Holy Night  (3:40)
B11. Finale  (1:20)
B12. We Wish You A Merry Christmas  (1:08)
B13. Closing  (0:43)

Side C
Narration Fred Waring  (23:53)
C1.   Christmas Magic (The Meaning Of Christmas)  
C2.   Holiday  
C3.   A Musical Christmas Card  
C4.   Christmas Tree  
C5.   Mistletoe  
C6.   Carol Of The Bells  
C7.  Snow, Snow, Beautiful Snow  
C8.   The Sleigh  
C9.   Echo Carol  
C10. Kentucky Wassail Song  
C11. Toyland  
C12. March Of The Toys  
C13. Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer  

Side D
D1  'Twas The Night Before Christmass  (6:44)
D2  The Song Of Christmas  (17:24)

Release: 1969
Label:  Capitol Records (2LP)
Catalog#  STBB-347

Vinyl:  Goed
Hoes:  Goed

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