David Gates - Goodbye Girl (LP)

Side A
A1.  Goodbye Girl  (2:45)
A2.  Took the Last Train  (4:32)
A3.  Overnight Sensation  (4:58)
A4.  California Lady  (3:52)
A5.  Ann  (3:50)
A6.  Drifter  (3:37)

Side B
B1.  He Don't Know How to Love You  (2:43)
B2.  Suite: Clouds, Rain  (8:52)
B3.  Lorilee  (4:42)
B4.  Part-Time Love  (2:23)
B5.  Sunday Rider  (3:21)
B6.  Never Let Her Go  (2:58)

Release: 1978
Label:  Elektra Records
Catalog#  K 52091

Vinyl:  Goed
Hoes:  Goed

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