Cory Daye - Cory And Me (1979) € 10,00

Side A
A1. Green Light  (6:10)  
A2. Pow Wow  (7:14)  
A3. Wiggle & A Giggle All Night  (3:08)  
A4. Rhythm Death  (1:20) 

Side B
B1. Single Again/ What Time Does The Ballon Go Up  (5:39)  
B2. Be Bop Betty A/K/A/Co Co Ree  (3:32)  
B3. Rainy Day Boy  (4:06)  
B4. Keep The Ball Rollin'  (5:20)

Release: 1979
Genre:  Soul
Format:  LP
Label:  New York International
Catalog#  FL-13408

Album:  Goed
Cover:  Goed

Prijs:  € 10,00

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